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IMG_6049.jpg, a photo by the lotus on Flickr.

My kitten now wakes up and just stares at me intensely in the morning. It’s scary and amazing. She waits for me to wake up fully so I can play with her or leave for work, the latter upsets her.

She’s so beautiful I’m going to say Masha’Allah. :)

It's kitten season!

Well if you haven't heard, everyones found kittens in their yards right about now. I have at least 3 that scamper here and there. They are eating machines. Post pics if you got them folks! I took some of them on a rare sunny day today. I had a can of tuna and persuaded the lil guy out, such a tiny thing!

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Teacher disciplined over comment to Muslim student

Wow that was right around the time I was making my current comic and this is exactly the type of behavior it addresses. Whats even more troublesome are the comments people left. I guess they expect Muslim students to accept it and "deal." This doesn't seem to be inappropriate to them simply because she is Muslim. And saying, "It's just a joke" is just as ridiculous as him having said it in the first place. Theres hatred and gloating behind that "joke."

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